How to update your materials

You can update your materials at anytime using the DentalSystem Control Panel. To access the Control Panel, open your DentalSystem and click on the Control Panel icon.

Open DentalSystem Control Panel

Next, enter the ‘Download Center’.

Download Center

As you want to update your materials, set the topic selection to ‘Download materials’ and chose ‘DentalAxess’ as the site to download materials from. Click on ‘Download’ to start the material download.

Download materials

Downloading all materials can easily take a few minutes, depending on your internet connection speed. When the download has finished you will be shown an import dialog for each material file. Always click on the ‘Import’ button, you cannot skip a material file! If you click ‘Cancel’ once you will abort the entire update process and even the materials that you had imported before will be removed again. If any other dialogues appear asking you whether to override existing materials or else, always select ‘OK’, ‘Update’ or ‘Yes’.

Import downloaded materials

When all materials have been imported, you will see this message.

Material import successful

You can now close the Control Panel. Note that you need  to save your changes when you exit, or else all imported materials will be removed again.

Control Panel save on exit

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