How to update your TRIOS software

In order to install a newer version on your TRIOS system, log into your TRIOS account and go to the configuration page.

Go to the ‘General’ section.

Next, click on the ‘Check for upgrades’ button to see if there is an update available for you system.

This check might take a minute and you will receive a notification whether there is an update available or not. If an update is available, you will see a notification similar to this.

The new software version will be downloaded in the background. The download can take quite some time as it is being download from a server in Europe. Please note that the download will be stopped if you close your TRIOS application and will not automatically resume the next time you log on. However, you can keep using your TRIOS in the meantime.

When the upload has finished you will receive a notification at the bottom left of your screen. Press ‘Upgrade’ to proceed with the installation.

The installation is almost fully automated and you do not need select any settings. If you are asked to install/update a driver, confirm by clicking ‘Yes’. It is recommended that you upgrade your scanner software. If you see the window below, connect your scanner to the cart/pod and do not unplug it until the firmware upgrade has finished.

Once the installation has finished you can start your TRIOS as usual.

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