How to clone your settings to another PC

If you have several stand-alone installations of 3shape DentalSystem and you want to make sure they have the same configuration, for example if you sometimes check out orders to design them at home, you can easily clone your settings as of DentalSystem

Open the DentalSystem ControlPanel on your source PC and go to “Tools” / “Import/Export”.

Import Export materials

Go to “Clone”, press the “Clone” button and select a folder and file name where you want the configuration to be saved. The configuration will be saved as a compressed ZIP file.

Clone system

On your destination PC, run the installation file for the 3shape DentalSystem and select “Custom upgrade”. Please note that you must run the installer of the exact same version which is installed on your source PC.

Custom upgrade

On the top of the next page set the dropdown to “Clone” and press “Continue”.

Installation type clone system

If there was already an installation of DentalSystem on your destination PC you can chose to perform a backup, else you will come directly to the screen where you can browse to the ZIP file you created on your source PC and continue from there.

Clone system source file

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