How to check out orders to work at home

In some cases you might want to scan an order in your lab, but design at home. In order to do you need to:

  • install the same version of DentalSystem (which is installed in your lab) on your home PC/notebook
  • have the same material settings on both systems (as of DentalSystem you can easily clone your configuration)
  • keep in mind that you will have to take the 3shape dongle home with you, meaning nobody can design at the lab during that time (provided you only have one dongle)

Once the above conditions are met, right-click on the order you want to take home and select “Check-Out”.

Check out order


Leave the default export option as “Export complete 3shape order” / “File” and save the file on an USB stick for example.

Export complete order to file

Once the order is checked out it will be shown with orange arrow in the order list, indicating that this order has been checked out. Furthermore, you will not be able to change (e.g. rescan, design, modify etc.) the order on this  PC until the order has been checked in again.

On your home PC, insert your USB stick, open DentalManager, perform a right-click on somewhere in your order overview and chose “Advanced” / “Import”.

Import order

Leave the default selection “Import complete 3shape order”.

Import complete 3shape order


Next, navigate to your USB stick and open the folder of the order you want to import. At the bottom right of the import dialog change the dropdown field to “Order XML (*.xml)”; you will now see three XML files within the order folder – select the one which has the name of your order and press “OK”.

Import XML order

After the order has been imported you can go ahead with your design. In order to take the designed order back to the office, check out the order from you home PC/notebook onto your USB stick as shown above. When you’re back in the office, insert your USB stick, right-click on the checked-out order and select “Check In”. Again, leave the default selection to “Import complete 3shape order” and select the order folder on your USB stick (this time you do not need to select the XML file, only the folder itself).

Check in order

That’s it, now you can send your designed order to your milling machine / manufacturer.

NB. If you ever need to change an order which is checked, for example if you lost your USB stick or if you decide someone in the lab should design the order instead, you can right-click on the checked out order and e.g. select “Reset” / “Scanned” in order to reactivate it and set its status back to scanned.

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